If you are a founder team and have questions about the Corona crisis, your business model, financing round or legal situation then book one of the limited slots. The Swiss Startup Group team will support you!
25.03.20 - 30.04.20
Video Call

About The Webinar


You are a founder team and have questions about Corona, your next round of financing, the legal situation or would like to discuss your business model in the current crisis?

The three founders of the Swiss Startup Group and their entire team offer you their experience and the entire know-how of the Swiss Startup Group. Together we have over 70 years of venture experience!

What can you expect from a POWER SESSION?
Our team covers the entire value chain in the startup sector. From A for Accelerator to V for Venture Capital: You can ask us anything. We have ‘skin in the game’ and a strong ‘CAN DO’ mentality which is especially important now in the crisis. Possible topics we can discuss together:

  • Focus in the crisis - What should I concentrate on now?
  • What does Corona mean for my evaluation?
  • How do I lead my team in times of Corona?
  • How do I communicate with my investors and my board?
  • What immediate measures do I need to take?
  • I am in the middle of a financing round, how should I act?
  • How do I communicate with my existing clients?
  • Should I adjust my business model due to the crisis?

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The following experts will be available to answer your questions for 30 minutes

Mike Baur
Swiss Startup Group
Max Meister
Swiss Startup Group
Oliver Walzer
Swiss Startup Group
Guillaume Waser
Swiss Startup Group
Edgar 2(1)
Edgar Kussberg
Swiss Startup Tech
Tamara Savchuk
Head of Company Building
Swiss Startup Factory
Jeroen Hermans
Head of Corporate Acceleration
Swiss Startup Factory
Dorian Ebneter
Lead Analyst

About Swiss Startup Group

The SWISS STARTUP GROUP is the largest privately financed venture platform in Switzerland with offices in Zurich and Lausanne. It scouts, analyses, evaluates, builds start-ups and advises national and international companies on innovation and transformation. Together with private and institutional investors, SSUG invests in selected companies in Switzerland, Europe and the USA.